Museum of the Transformed Object


DISCOVERIES IN SCULPTURE was a challenge to both mind and eye to perceive new identities in old recognizable forms. Eventually, one discovers that to the mind there are no absolutes. What is seen is composed of self-imposed images just as what is thought is composed of self-imposed concepts. The ultimate revelation of the nature of the mind comes when you realize that Being itself is a self created invention.

A selection of pieces on display at the Roberson Museum in Binghamton, New York

"An extraordinary vision of life. There’s a lot to be said and it really can't be expressed by words but the art speaks for itself. It was very fattening (sic) to one's eye and spirit. Love it."
Ms. Isabelita Gonzalez (Izzy)

Pieces on display at the Roberson Museum in Binghamton, New York

"Here is a wide range of imagination, a display of humorous inventiveness, the creative use of found objects, a sensitive and mature grasp of design, including form, textures, and the striking use of many different materials... and finally, a tremendous variety and wealth of conceptual ideas."

Adria Braverman,
Chairman of Art
T. Jefferson HS
Brooklyn, NY



"Your slide lecture... was excellent. Your ability to relate Science, sociology, technology and psychology to contemporary art was both educational and intellectual... You should consider packaging your presentation for educational television."

Hazel Rodriguez,
Lecture Coordinator
Metropolitan Museum of Art

"What an outstanding demonstration and lecture you gave to the upper grade children last week! Your slides and your talk were extremely informative. You could tell be the expressions in the children’s faces that they were absolutely mesmerized by the creations that you have put together. "

Gerald Kirschenbaum
Magnolia Elementary School
Long Beach, NY

"We had several comments on the quality of the program, the high interest the children showed in found object sculpture and the depth of your obvious talent and imagination. We look forward to having you return soon."

Matha Zoubek,
Educational Coordinator
Bruce Museum

Alcibiedes Last Battle

Some recent comments of visitors to the Roberson Museum in Binghamton, NY

“Brilliant... Inspiring... as well as the mystery of some pieces.”
Gregory Cabrera

Sharon Pascocello

“I am blown away by your creativity.” –K. S.

“Ahh! No tengo palabras.” - Ed Puig

“Incredibly funny!  Play on words, clever.” –Brian G.

“It was beautiful and amazing.” – Amber H.

“Brought tears to my eyes.” - Nicole C.

"Should be at the Met." - A. Speigel

“A liberating experience.” - Laurie Schwartz

“Fantastic... Beautiful things here. among them Eros in Action.” - Marilyn Rubin

“Wonderful... Visionary.” - Susan Kornblum

“Very cool! Like Calder.  Great sense of humor”  -Craig S.

“This is so creatively fabulous!! Thank you” –Jackie H.

“Inventive, funny, exciting.   I won’t look at trash the same way.” –Nancy L.

“Innovation at its best.”  Lori K.

“Unusual, yet astonishingly captivating.” –Seymour B.

“Wow, amazingly awesome. Just wow.” –Natalie

“Tremendous manifestations of creativity, humour, ….” 
-James M.

“Your mind works in a wonderful way!! Your bold imagery invokes many memories!!!” – Cathy K.

“Amazing! So very creative!” –Irene B.

“Amazing vision! Found objects are awesome!” –Matt O.

“My second time through this exhibit. Fabulous!” –Marcia B.