Discoveries in Sculpture
Discoveries in Sculpture

Discoveries in Sculpture Program

Morning session: slideshow for all classes (45 min.)

"Discoveries in sculpture" is a slide presentation introducing the world as a visual playground. Students are challenged to examine slides of found-object sculpture and to discern the objects from which they were created, from simple sculptures using various cans and boxes to more "difficult" pieces found around the house: kitchen utensils, chair legs, tables, staplers, TV parts – all conceived with originality and alive with an inner organic force which gives them excitement and vitality.

With humor and skill, concepts relating to the creative process are presented in simple terms: discipline (don't settle for first images), exploration (inside, outside, upside-down), the economy of nature(less is more; making the most from the least), observation, play. Students learn to understand and appreciate how symbols are used in a wide variety of cultural images.

Individuals are never forced to accept the artist’s imagery but are stimulated to develop and place great value on their own. Every attempt is made to encourage as many children as possible to participate. Frequently, teachers are surprised at the animated response of students who are rarely expressive in the classroom.

Afternoon session: interactive for individual classes (20 min. each)

An in-depth interactive between the artist and individual students takes place in a museum-like setting of approximately 20 sculptures.

Time permitting, a hands-on experience with an array of found objects serves as a basis for a future teacher-guided project. Consultation with the art teacher provides a range of sculptural projects to enhance both their own and the students’ skills at thinking creatively.

Aims of the Program